Redditch Magician Starts UK Tour with Warm up Show at The Palace Theatre 




A Redditch Magician’s exile is over as he starts his comeback tour at the theatre that gave him his first big break. Local magician and mentalist Steve Henn brings his new Magic and Stand up show to The Palace Theatre next month. The Room Upstairs hosts Steve Henn’s work in progress show on the 5th May 2017. 

Like all good magicians, Steve Henn has managed to “saw the show” into two halves. The first half finds Steve in an intimate and reflective mood. Discussing his fame and how losing it 12 years ago made him the man he is today, “Sober and approaching senility”. Steve takes a very personal look at BREXIT and why he believes Theresa May’s helter-skelter ride into the unknown will be no pleasure cruise. Not to mention his bewilderment and confusion as to how a TV reality star has become the most powerful and terrifying man in the free world. Steve Henn also promises to teach each and every one of you a solid gold card trick, that will amaze and baffle your friends.

The second half is Steve doing what he does best…. Magic! Like a donut from the 80’s, it is jam packed full of magic, comedy, music and mentalism. With over 30 years experience you will be hard pressed to find anybody who can weave a spell so beguiling as Steve Henn live.


Want to experience your first Henn Night?
Then make your way to the Room Upstairs, Palace Theatre Redditch on the 5th May 2017
The Show starts at 7:45pm and tickets are just £8 for this special homecoming show. 
Booking in advance is advised as this will be Steve’s first home town show in over a decade.


Steve Henn is back where he belongs, up front and personal, performing Magic with a capital M!
“Steve Henn Live” is a intimate close up performance that invites you inside the unsettled mind of world renowned performer Steve Henn who has now surpassed over 30 years in the business that we still call show.  With an audience of willing helpers and a few drinks you too will be saying “I believe in miracles” Erroll Brown


Steve Henn:

Social Media #magichenn
Telephone +44 01527 455441



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